In the Spring and Summer months (Mar-Aug), the water starts to warm up and a variety of Inshore species start to move into the Harbor, Inlets, and Beaches such as Speckled Trout, Lady Fish, Spanish Mackerel, Jack Crevalle Tarpon, and a variety of Sharks.  On the flats, small groups of Redfish are still found at low tides. 

In the fall months (Sept-Nov) it is a good time to seek out the Tailing Redfish on Flood Tides. Water temperatures begin to cool, and the Shrimp and Bait Fish start to move on the flats and into the Creeks. The Redfish and Speckled Trout bite really turns on. As the water cools and clears, large groups of Redfish school up on the Mud Flats, with as many as 50-100 plus fish in a foot or less of water.  This is a great time for the novice/expert Fisherman to try their skill at catching Redfish on fly or spin, whether by wading or by boat. This is sight fishing at its best.  Speckled Trout action is great this time of year with schools of fish being caught on Waterways, Inlets, and Creeks.

In the winter months (Dec-Feb) the Redfish are schooled up on the Mud Flats thick!  The water temperature averages 50 degrees which means the water clarity is very good.  Redfish are chewing and there's nothing like polling up to a flat at dawn and having a shot at Redfish Tailing, Cruising, Head Waking, and sometimes having a Feeding Frenzy!